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Protecting your immature investment
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We appreciate your interest in protecting your investment - and in learning about what you need to do in order to not get caught in the common trap that catches most novice investors that have heard about "offshore", but never really understood what actually is required in order to use offshore legal entities without conflict with the law in their home country.

The webinar will be held in Novasol's voice room at the times announced on the web page you just came from.,/P>

The instructor will be Mogens Eliasen.

The objective for this Webinar is to enable you to make the diligent decisions in regards to protecting your investment - and to do so before it is too late.

Special emphasis will be given to HYIP-type investment, i.e. high-yield and high-risk investments that might not warrant a significant cash layout for their protection at this point in time...

We will cover the following topics:

  • Why asset protection is no luxury, but a necessity. Asset protection is like insurance: you cannot get it when you need it; you have to establish it before you need it... But the risks you can cover with insurance are far less likely than those you cannot cover with insurance, but need asset protection for!

  • The difference between criminal tax evasion and fully legal tax avoidance. In order for you to gain legal tax advantages, you must have all action that qualifies you for the intended benefits done before you make the money you want exempt from taxation. Once you got the money, any kind of "cover-up" is criminal tax evasion....

  • The tax trap that smacks irreversibly behind you if you take no action... Your tax liability is incurred in the moment the funds are made available to you. It does not matter if you cash them out or not. When you are being given the possibility of retrieving the funds, they are taxable, whether or not you reported about them, and whether or not a tax return is due yet!

  • Why you MUST sell that investment while it has no official value... You can be charged with fraud and tax evasion if you sell an investment interest at a price that is significantly lower than "fair market value". Selling a $100,000 account for $1,000 will give you a ticket to jail!

  • How you can still benefit from your investment, even when you sell it, and even more so than if you don't... The whole secret behind using offshore legal entities is that they are outside your government's jurisdiction - and not subject to taxation. Legally.

  • What you need offshore in order to do this.... We will briefly discuss which offshore legal entities you need, and how you must go about having them set up, and how you manage them without creating problems for yourself.

  • How you can accomplish your goals, even if you are drained for cash.... Yes, you can still achieve all the benefits from having your investment owned by an offshore entity, even you do not have the cash to get one set up for you right now! We will explain how.

This webinar is scheduled to last about 1.5-2 hours, but questions from the audience might cause it to run close to 3 hours.

In order for you to participate, there are four requirements (all links open in a new window):

  1. You must download the 400 kb software that is required for your access to the voiceroom. Be aware that is a .exe file - which in principle could be a virus. But we guarantee that it is not harmful for your computer. This software will allow you to install a shortcut to the voice room on your desktop, and we strongly urge you to let it do so.

  2. For retrieving your password, you will need a hushmail account - but it is free, so that should be no issue.

  3. You must make a nominal payment of US$ 10.00, using a credit card in your own name, so we can verify your ID.

  4. You must submit to us via hushmail this affidavit - and we will then respond with the password for the webinar to your hushmail account. Our response will be your confirmation that the nickname you selected for entrance to the voice room has been accepted by us, so you do not get blocked out from the conference because we cannot identify you. We will not send that password through unencrypted e-mail, and we do not send it to people who do not submit their affidavit, appropriately edited with their personal data, so please be careful about following the instructions for that affidavit (they are included in the document you open when clicking on the link above). Please also note that you cannot edit that document until you have copied it into an open hushmail of yours!

If you participate by invitation of a sponsor, then please refer to the name of the sponsor and the code you got from the sponsor, if you got one.

To your freedom!

Novasol Judicare Inc.

From childhood, we have learned that, if we want to control something, we have to own it...

John D. Rockefeller once said in an interview, "I want to own nothing, but control everything".

The truth is that the kind of control that is established through your ownership is the government's control over you!

What you own is simple and easy for the government to take away from you. By signing your tax return, you allowed the government to do this, without first obtaining judgment, in case there should be a dispute between you and the taxman about what you are supposed to pay in taxes!

Morale: What you own is nothing but the government's collateral for your compliance with the government's demands for taxes...!

With even the US government's tax experts being proven wrong in more than 38% of all cases where they have answered taxpayers' inquiries about tax laws, this is pretty scary...

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This stuff is not taught in any school or at any university that is controlled by government. But it is vital to know for anyone who has a desire to get rich and not ripped off by their own government.

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